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Long-Distance Race Checklist and Recovery

The countdown has begun to the big race, so let’s take a look at what else you need to prepare!

  • Bib (be sure to put it in your bag the night before)
  • Your most comfortable running outfit
  • Towel (for if it’s cold or to use after the race)
  • Disposable raincoat (for wind, rain and warmth)
  • Tissue (for bathroom breaks during the race)
  • Set of dry clothes (for after the race)

During the race, your body may give you signals. Don’t panic! Olympic marathon representative Christy Yiu has some helpful recommendations for you:

Hitting the Wall: This usually occurs in the half and full marathon, and most likely because you haven’t done enough long-distance training. Your physical strength and stamina will have been exhausted, and it’s best to slow down for a kilometer or two. Then when you’re feeling better, assess the situation and don’t force yourself just because of whatever goal you have set.

Cramps: Immediately do resistance stretching. For the calves, stretch the leg backwards, because the muscles won’t automatically relax on their own.

Blisters: Blisters easily form in sweaty and rainy conditions, and you can prevent them by applying Vaseline to the areas most usually chafed, like the soles of your feet and where clothing rubs against your skin. You should also avoid wearing shoes that are too big and socks that are too rough.

The day after a race, many people’s muscles are really tight and stiff. Let’s have a listen as Christy Yiu shares some tips on how to recover rapidly!

*While competing or training, please pay close attention to your physical condition. Should you feel unwell, please seek the advice and assistance of licensed medical professionals.

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