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Rope skipping’s appeal

Over the past few years, rope skipping has grown in popularity. Last year, Hong Kong’s rope skipping team won 27 gold, 26 silver and 26 bronze medals for a total of 79 awards at the World Rope Skipping Championships in Sweden. Hong Kong broke the world record Click for video in the 4 x 45 Seconds Double Dutch Speed Relay by skipping 671.5 times. So what’s so appealing about rope skipping?

Freestyle rope skipping is suitable for lots of people to do together. Each style requires speed, endurance, flexibility and teamwork. In addition to the feeling of success that comes with executing difficult moves, skippers can also add their own moves and that makes it even more varied and interesting.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a rope. Let’s take a look at some specific types:

    Beaded Rope
  • Made from cotton and rubber
  • Easy to control speed and execute difficult moves
  • Makes a sound when touching the ground which helps in getting the beats and a sense of space
    Wire Speed Rope
  • Made of steel wire
  • Handle can bear fast rotation
  • Reduces jumpers resistance and strength loss
  • Suitable for advanced/elite jumpers
    Licorice Rope
  • relatively lightweight, makes multiple under tricks possible and easier
  • suitable for speedy skipping practice
  • handle allows 360-degree rotation with no risk of tangle
    Long Rope
  • its fresh colour and ability to sound the rhythm out makes it suitable for many people to skip together
  • used mainly in performance and competition

Information provided by Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club

This year’s Hong Kong Jockey Club “Riding High Together Festival” has invited members of the China Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club to perform. Let’s watch a preview and learn some basic moves!

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