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“All you need is a ball”

There is no limit to the tricks you can do in freestyle football, and every different part of the body can be used, including your eyes, nose and ears! You can also improvise and do your own choreography to music. You don’t need a field, and there aren’t a lot of rules. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl or what body size you are, you can do tricks based on your strong points. Just grab a ball and you’re ready for tons of fun!

Basic freestyle football tricks are all about ball control and juggling, but that’s easier said than done! To help get you started, Hong Kong Freestyle Football champion Lyson Sze will share his own training methods. Turns out that in addition to a football, other balls can be used to get great training results.

  • To start, use a smaller Size 2 soccer ball and practice until you can juggle it 100-200 times in a row
  • Then use a tennis ball to train your ball sense and concentration
  • Tennis balls are bouncy and small, they are useful for mastering control of the centre of the ball
  • Tennis balls are easy to carry around, you can practice anytime, anywhere

After you’ve mastered ball control, you can begin to try some basic freestyle tricks. Let’s watch Lyson’s demonstration!

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