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With technology playing an ever-more important role in everyday life, many educators have emphasised the value of teaching children computational thinking and coding skills from an early age. Responding to this need, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has initiated the CoolThink@JC programme with the aim of equipping upper primary students with the basic coding capabilities to strengthen their computational thinking, as well as helping teachers master the necessary professional skills. The programme has been co-created by the Trust, the Education University of Hong Kong, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from the United States and City University of Hong Kong, with the support of the Education Bureau.

Funded with a Trust donation of HK$216 million, the four-year programme aimed at developing evidence-based teaching materials, increasing teacher capacity and developing community support. It will inspire students to apply digital creativity in their daily lives and enhance young people’s capacity to contribute to the city’s economic and social development. Compared with computing and coding education programmes in the school curricula of other advanced economies such as the UK, Japan and Korea, it has a number of unique features, including:

  • A focus on higher-level skills such as problem-solving and computing applications, rather than technical programming skills;
  • Scientific evaluation of its impact on student outcomes;
  • Refinement of its pedagogy and curricular materials based on evidence and educator feedback; and
  • Community outreach by educating parents as well as the public about the importance of computational thinking.

The programme is expected to benefit over 16,500 primary four to six students from 32 local schools, as well as 100 teachers. The 32 pilot schools will set up a CoolThink@JC classroom, providing electronic equipment and a set of tools for supporting creative thinking, to encourage students to learn coding and inspire their creativity in an interactive and enlightening environment. The programme will also provide a valuable reference to Government for including computing and coding into Hong Kong educational curricula in the future.

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