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READ & WRITE: A Jockey Club Learning Support Network

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust initiated the READ & WRITE: A Jockey Club Learning Support Network in 2006 to help children with learning difficulties (mainly dyslexia) overcome reading and writing challenges.

Concluded in 2015, the nine-year programme successfully developed a Tiered Intervention Model for Chinese Language Learning for primary schools to screen and monitor the progress of children with reading difficulties. Encouragingly, over 20% of such children reached the benchmark of Chinese literacy after one year of being identified and receiving assistance through the intervention model. The Education Bureau has since adopted the model, running it in some 200 primary schools as well as through school-based support services, covering 50% of primary schools in the territory. Training has also been provided to some 7,500 primary and kindergarten teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills in teaching children with or at risk of developing dyslexia. The model has since been taken up in Taiwan, where The First Social Welfare Foundation is distributing learning packages to teachers, parents and NGOs.

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