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Jockey Club supports international conference to help non-Chinese speaking students learn Chinese systematically and effectively

An international conference aimed at supporting the learning and teaching of culturally diverse young learners was held on 18 April as part of C-for-Chinese@JC, a five-year project initiated and funded by the Club’s Charities Trust.

With the theme “Education for All: International Conference on Supporting the Learning and Teaching of Young Multicultural Learners”, the international conference attracted over 300 local or overseas academics and experts in early childhood education to share and exchange their knowledge and insights, including keynote speakers Professor James Banks from the University of Washington and Professor Fred Dervin from the University of Helsinki.

The Club’s Charities Trust initiated the C-for-Chinese@JC project in 2016 in collaboration with three local universities and two non-governmental organisations, with a donation of HK$237 million.

The project is aimed at fostering a culturally responsive and pleasurable learning environment that enables the growing number of non-Chinese speaking kindergarten students to learn Chinese effectively and meaningfully through a holistic home-school-community model. This will enhance the Chinese proficiency of culturally diverse kindergarten children for their smoother transition to primary education, so as to foster social inclusion in society.

Since its inception two and a half years ago, the project has been fully implemented in 20 Network Schools.  Another 26 Affiliated Schools have joined the project, enjoying partial support services in the home-school-community domains.  The project has provided professional training to over 200 kindergarten practitioners, including school leaders, teachers and multicultural teaching assistants.