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The promotion and preservation of arts, culture and heritage is an indispensible part of improving the quality of life of Hong Kong people. Thanks in no small part to the Club's unwavering support of arts and cultural events, such as the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Le French May Arts Festival and major exhibitions organised as part of "The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series" in partnership with Leisure and Cultural Services Department, a great variety of world-class events and activities have been offered to the public. Outreach and education programmes accompanying these events also give more people the opportunity to share in these important arts and cultural activities, as well as to engage the interest of younger audiences.

Of equal importance, the Club's support provides opportunities for local artists to showcase their talent to the world – a commission complemented by the Club's donation to the construction of the only tertiary institution dedicated to nurturing artistic talent in the city, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

The Club takes the preservation of Hong Kong's culture and heritage seriously, as evidenced by its support of three local traditions that are included in the national list of intangible cultural heritage, namely Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, Cheung Chau Jiao Festival and the Tai O Traditional Dragon Boat Water Parade. In addition, by financing the conversion of a 1970s factory building into a vibrant arts centre-cum-artist village – the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre at Shek Kip Mei, and by revitalising the Central Police Station Compound (now known as Tai Kwun) into a centre for heritage, contemporary arts, and leisure, the Club achieves the win-win situation of promoting the development of creative industries while preserving Hong Kong people's collective memory.

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Latest Activities

Jockey Club supports Hong Kong Flower Show for 5th year to keep city blossoming with love

Famed for their vibrant colours, exquisite fragrance and associations with love, roses have always been among the favourite flowers of Hong Kong people

Jockey Club supports programmes of Le French May

Established in 1993, the annual Le French May Festival has become an iconic part of Hong Kong’s cultural scene, with events that attract over one million local residents and visitors each year

Jockey Club continues its four-decade support to Hong Kong Arts Festival

Audiences at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre were treated with a visual feast on 16 February, as the Bayerisches Staatsballett from Germany performed the timeless and ravishing ballet La Bayadère that opened the 2017 Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF).

Club sponsors exhibition showcasing Qing wedding customs

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to experience a Chinese Emperor’s wedding...

Club supports 45th Hong Kong Arts Festival in bringing world-class performances to Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) is a highly-regarded international arts event that enriches the cultural life of Hong Kong each February and March...

Jockey Club supports Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance Jockey Club funds Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, passing on traditional Chinese culture for seventh year in a row

On 14 September, Tai Hang came alive as the crash of cymbals and bang of drums heralded the sparkling night parade of the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, as part of the three-night event.

Club funds heritage site illuminations to enhance art accessibility for all

The Club has been a staunch supporter of Hong Kong’s arts, culture and heritage initiatives over the years...

Jockey Club helps bring Roman history to life for local residents

The Club has been a long-time supporter of arts and culture in Hong Kong. One of its many initiatives is The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series, a partnership between the Club’s Charites Trust and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

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