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Through its CARE@hkjc Volunteer Team, the Club encourages staff and retirees to become directly involved in enhancing the quality of life of all Hong Kong people.

Our Vision

To be a reputable volunteer team actively serving those in need and providing a platform for the whole-person development of Club staff.

Our Mission

To support the Club’s charitable mission and to help fulfil its corporate social responsibility by encouraging staff to participate in voluntary work, whilst at the same time building teamwork and strong networks among Club staff.

Our Volunteers

All full-time, part-time and retired Club staff are welcome to join the volunteer team.

Volunteers receive training, with the aim of enhancing their skills and building a strong team dedicated to serving the community.

Currently, the Volunteer Team has over 1,200 members. Since its establishment in November 2005, they have been spreading love and care to Hong Kong’s most needy.

Community Services

The Volunteer Team serves various groups including the elderly, the young and ethnic minorities. Its programmes are delivered through district-based activities across different parts of Hong Kong, many of them in partnership with local organisations.

Aiming to establish a harmonious society, the Team hopes to inspire its service recipients to become volunteers themselves, thereby helping to reach out to even more people in need.

Latest Activities

Volunteers Join Charity Walk's with Friends and Family Members

The Club's CARE@hkjc Volunteer Team has been supporting the Charity Walk organised by The Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) for the forth consecutive year

CARE Volunteers and Celebrities Join Hands in Supporting Festive Elderly Visits

Chinese major festivals are traditionally time for family gathering to celebrate and share happiness

CARE Volunteers Support Fu Hong's Outings for Intellectual Disabled People

Following the success of the cookies workshops held early this year allowing CARE volunteers to have initial interaction with the intellectual disabled (ID) people of Fu Hong Society

SPCA's Flag Day - Most Popular CARE Team's Flag Day Programme

The CARE Volunteer Team used to support several flag day programmes organised by local community service organisations each year for raising fund for their operation

Joy and Laughter at CARE Appreciation Dinner 2015-16

To express the Club's appreciation for the wholehearted dedication of our volunteers over the past year, the CARE@hkjc volunteer ...

CARE Volunteers spread messages of green as Playground Facilitators

CARE@hkjc has been actively participating in wide range of volunteer work. More than 100 volunteers have supported the Jockey Club ...

CARE Volunteers support “HK.WeCARE Volunteer Day”

“HK.WeCARE” is a campaign launched to promote and foster spirit of being optimistic, mutual respect and love in the community...

Life and Career Planning for Ethnic minority youths – A visit to HKRSP regional annual inspection

According to the 2011 Hong Kong Population Census, there were 450,000 ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, up 20% from ten years ago.

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