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Equestrian sports are increasingly popular in Hong Kong, not least as a result of the equestrian events of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, which were staged in Hong Kong with the support of the Club. To promote the development of equine sports, the Club operates three public riding schools, teaching riding skills and horse care, and providing opportunities to take part in equestrian competitions. The Club is also the sponsor of the HKJC Equestrian Team and HKJC Junior Equestrian Training Squad, helping to nurture the potential of Hong Kong's most talented riders. Several have already won medals in international competition.

The Club also looks after the welfare of its retired racehorses, providing valuable second careers to many. On retirement from racing, horses are assessed by the HKJC Veterinary team to determine their suitability to be retrained for equestrian use. Beas River Equestrian Centre (BREC) has a world-renowned, structured rehabilitation and retraining programme that prepares horses for second careers within Hong Kong’s riding schools. After racing, these wonderful animals go on to give joy to hundreds of riders both young and old at riding schools across the region.

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