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People's quality of life is close to the heart of the Club. Its commitment dates back to the 1950s when the Club funded the reclamation of the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, which led to the creation of Victoria Park, one of the most popular green spaces in Hong Kong. As public demand for healthy entertainment soared in parallel with economic growth, so too did the list of Club-supported recreational venues, including but not limited to: Penfold Park, Hong Kong Park, Kowloon Park and Hong Kong Stadium; not to mention Ocean Park.

The Club's investment towards the development of sports has also made possible the construction of the Hong Kong Sports Institute, which has been a nurturing ground for elite athletes and a source of pride for Hong Kong people since its completion in 1982. The key role played by the Club in Hong Kong's hosting of the equestrian events for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games went a step further in catapulting the city onto the world stage. The Club’s commitment to equestrian sport is further reflected in its support of the annual Longines Masters of Hong Kong, an internationally-renowned event that helps to promote equestrian sport in Hong Kong.

The Club's Charities Trust has put emphasis on the use of sports to create lifelong positive values and hope in Hong Kong society and this carries on the Club's long-standing legacy of promoting sports development and an active healthy lifestyle. Young footballers of all ages and backgrounds get the invaluable chance to hone their skills and learn sportsmanship by participating in Club-supported football development programmes, including the JC Youth Football Development Programme which has received an enthusiastic response, as the first of its kind in Hong Kong to provide Manchester United-style football training to local youngsters.

Under the concept of Sport for All, The Trust is also supporting a range of initiatives that use innovative ideas to make the enjoyment of physical activities a regular habit among local residents of all ages, from young children to the elderly. The intention is to lower the entry barriers to participating in sports and arouse interest in them by injecting fun, excitement and added motivation into these activities using crossover themes. In the long term, this can encourage Hong Kong people to build lifelong habits of physical exercise and thereby help them enjoy healthier lives.

Latest Activities

Chu Hai College gave students a taste of being a sports anchor

It was another busy day on the road for The Hong Kong Jockey Club Junior Sports Reporters! This time, they travelled to Tuen Mun to visit the new campus of Chu Hai College of Higher Education and the state-of-the-art video production facilities at their campus TV studio

Riding for the first time - experiencing the partnership with horses!

This year, the students of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Junior Sports Reporters Programme have had many opportunity to come into closer contact with horses.

Jockey Club promotes innovative sports in the community

Innovative sports like Frisbee, Rouliqiu, Light Volleyball and Floor Curling are fun and easy to learn. They help energise the community, as well as diversify local sports development.

Legco visit takes students a step further in learning about local sports development

To encourage students to experience and try new things, this year’s Junior Sports Reporters Programme has been injected with new elements

Attending one of the world’s most prestigious five-star equestrian events broadens horizons

A cornerstone of the HKJC Junior Sports Reporters Programme has been to encourage students to experience and try new things...

HKJC Junior Sports Reporters programme gets underway

After attracting a record number of applicants, the fifth HKJC Junior Sports Reporters programme got off to a fantastic start last weekend (4th February) with the launch of this extraordinary four-month educational journey.

Charity relay run - a different way to celebrate New Year’s Eve

Organised by the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association and sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Manchester United coaching workshop well received

Nearly 60 Hong Kong football coaches and professional trainers participated in a workshop held by Les Parry, Manchester United’s Academy Player Development Manager 9-16.

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