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Do you need an "escape plan" when hiking?

Because internet and map apps are so common and convenient to use, hikers are now able to hike without first making a detailed plan. Social media platforms also attract groups who want only to hike to popular spots and those who don’t know each other but go hiking together. This, of course, can be risky. Mountain climbing expert Chung Kin Man reminds us that there are four things that are easy to overlook when planning a hike:

  • Know your route well (do a site visit, if possible) and know where the rests stops are along the way. Also, be sure to have an “escape route” and plan for all contingencies.
  • Know the ability levels of your fellow hikers.
  • Prepare enough water (eg. for an 8-hour hike, bring at least 2 litres of water -- more if the weather is hot).
  • There are a lot of areas out in the countryside where mobile reception from Hong Kong telecom networks is unavailable; so should there be an emergency, you may not be able to call for help. Therefore, it’s imperative that you tell your family your exact route before you set out on your hike.

When planning a hike, it is important to carefully consider all possible circumstances, as well as the equipment you’ll need, from all different angles. Don’t just rely on technology and online information. Let’s turn to “Chung Sir” for more advice!