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Better Living Tips

Better health both inside and out

From time to time there are reports that point to the home environment as actually containing many potential health hazards. For example, electrical appliances emit toxic electromagnetic fields; furniture and other home decorations may emit chemical pollutants; even plastic containers may be made of risky and harmful materials. Home is a place where both the elderly and young children reside, so how can we lessen these dangers at home?

Dr Simon Chau's tips:
Have plants with big leaves as these can neutralise toxins in the air, and the release of negative ions makes the air feel fresher
Use natural cleaners to clean your home, such as: soap, camellia seed powder, baking soda, salt, vinegar or coconut oil, etc.
Don't speak too long on your mobile, or use a landline phone when you can. Turn off the WIFI before you sleep
Plastic containers used at high temperatures, or with oily and acidic foods, have the potential to release heavy metals, genotoxic substances, and environmental hormones such as plasticisers. So choose plastic containers that meet high safety standards to store your food in. Glass containers are always your safest bet!

The small changes suggested above are actually very easy to do, so why not give them a try! Over the past few episodes, we’ve explained how to use external means to reduce the level of toxins in our bodies. In this episode, Dr Chau will teach us some ways to strengthen our bodies’ own ability to detox!