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Making a good cup of tea

When it comes to Chinese tea, most will judge whether or not it’s a good cup based on three things: colour, taste and body. Let’s take Pu-erh, for example. The average tea leaves used in tea houses and the steeping method they use leads to the tea being the colour of black coffee. Top-grade Pu-erh, however, should be the colour of red wine.

Q: What kind of water should be used to brew the best tasting tea?

A: The taste really depends on the quality and temperature of the water. Hong Kong tap water is suitable, and it’s best to use fresh boiled water at 100˚C. Avoid using re-boiled water. When brewing green tea, the water temperature should not exceed 85˚C as this will avoid catechins dissipating.

Q: People say you should avoid mixing different types of tea. Is this true?

A: Drinking a mix of different types of tea may lead to a confusion of aromas and tastes. Some may even feel sick, probably because different people will react differently to a mix of different teas. In general, it’s not a good idea to mix tea.

Q: How can I make a good cup of tea at the office?

A: The utensils used to make tea have a considerable impact on its quality. For example, using a stainless steel cup to steep the tea will affect its taste. To keep the original flavour of the tea, you may consider using a small tea pot or even a mini tea set – this will give you the best result!

In general, most people find it more convenient to use tea bags. But no matter tea bag or loose tea leaves, how can we get the best taste when steeping it? Tea Art instructor Anne is here to show you the way!