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Tips for caring for school children’s spines

Now that we’re into mid-August, most parents are running around getting everything that their kids need for the new school year. According to a survey, overweight school bags and poor posture are the main reasons students develop scoliosis. The chiropractors at the Children Chiropractic Foundation have some useful information for parents that relates to what most students experience every day:

Posture for learning

  • When sitting, both feet should be flat on the floor. If they aren’t, it’s recommended to use a foot rest to support the feet so that the back, hips, knees and feet can maintain 90-degree angles.
  • Choose a height-appropriate desk so that both hands can rest comfortably on top, with the elbow and arm at about a 90-degree angle.
  • Adjust the computer screen so that the upper edge of the screen is at eye level. This will reduce the need to tilt the head and neck up.
  • There are many blood vessels behind the knee, so when sitting, try to avoid pressing this area against the edge of the seat

Regularly check your student’s shoes

  • Wearing shoes with worn soles for a long time could lead to “Leg Length Discrepancy”. This could make the pelvis uneven, which could lead to scoliosis.

School bags are used by students every day, so they greatly impact the health of their spines. What should you pay most attention to when choosing and using a school bag? Let’s get some advice from Jacky Chan MChiro of the Children Chiropractic Foundation!