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There are many remarkable people around us in Hong Kong. Some of them are unsung heroes dedicated to helping others and contributing to a bigger cause. And others may have overcome adversity to achieve their personal best, demonstrating astonishing willpower and an optimistic, can-do attitude. Through its community projects and the Charities Trust’s donations to charities projects, the Club has played a supportive role in their heartwarming and inspiring stories.  Here we salute these remarkable individuals and share their positive values of life.

Blazing a path forward through teamwork in football – Lee Wing Yan
Lee Wing Yan
Top scorer of the first “JC School Football Development Scheme - HKJC N-League”

The past several years have seen Hong Kong women’s football gradually gaining recognition on the global stage, after three members of the Hong Kong women’s football team took part in trials in Japan, and Chan Yuen Ting – the first female manager to lead a men's professional association football team – was named AFC Women's Coach of the Year by the Asian Football Confederation.

For each of those who have made it this far, their journey has never been easy. Lee Wing Yan, 19, now plays for Chelsea Soccer School Hong Kong Women’s Team...

More People Stories

Blazing a path forward through teamwork in football – Lee Wing Yan

“Once, I focused only on myself;
Today, I understand that anyone can run fast, but only by gathering the strength of many can we go far – and this is why teamwork is key in football.”

The Dream-maker – Chu Tsz Wing

“Once, I dreamt of becoming an inventor, but eventually gave up my ambitions;
Today, I nurture my dreams, and lead teachers and students to learn and enjoy chasing dreams without fear.”

Andrew Lau – the Persevering Guardian for the Elderly

"Once, I felt helpless when my family fell ill and no adequate support was available;
Today, I use my personal experience to treat all elderly persons with respect and to support those who care for them."

Remaining steadfast in the face of adversity Passing on positive values - Christopher O’Brien

“Once, I stood undefeated in the face of adversity, and continued to improve myself;
Today, with football, I bring my beliefs halfway around the world to help more youths.”

Dare to change, dare to thrive. Sowing the seeds for parent-child bonding - Mealoha Kwok

“Once, I overcame hurdles aplenty to promote green living through horticulture, and to sow the seeds of good parenting;
Today, my efforts have borne fruit as green farming helps to foster parent-child relations and also contributes to community inclusion.”

Igniting Passions, Navigating Life’s Dreams and Goals - Chan Sze-ting

“Once, I was non-engaged and knew not what lay ahead;
Today, I embrace possibilities and seek my life’s goals with multifaceted development.”

Breaking through Autism - Kit Chiang

“Once, I was trapped in a world of my own;
Today, I emerge from behind the walls and find renewed hope in the future.”

Crossing Ethnic Boundaries - Kicking off a Life of Renewed Brilliance - Jeffrey Andrews

“Once, I strayed off the path into crime.
Today, I use soccer to rewrite my life and help my peers correct their course”

“Adversities” and “obstacles” are not in my dictionary - Amen Luk

“Once, I persevered through all the adversities and obstacles, not a fear within me;
Today, I use my own experience to encourage and help those like me.”

Surpass those above you – Maurice Szeto

“Once, I was reckless and gave up pursuing my dreams.
Today, I have achieved my dreams and gone beyond by guiding youths to boldly pursue theirs.”

Walk with Horses - Rise over Physical Limitations – Eric Yeung

“Once, I was besieged by obstacles and had nothing but fear for horses.
Today, having overcome my physical limitations, I find love in horses and life, and learn to live life to the full.”

Retired law enforcement officer finds new purpose as a “master of marriage ceremonies” – Chow Kwok Kei

“Once, I was in the trenches, enforcing the law and shouldering the burden of public safety.
Today, I bring laughter and happiness to newlywed couples by helping to ensure that their big day runs smoothly.”

Breaking Through Fear and Self-Doubt - Forging Ideals through Music - Peggy Wu

"Once, I gave up studying law for music.
Today, I resolve to pursue my dream to help others through music."

Ever aiming at new heights : Mountain Walker – Wong Shan

"Once, I undertook mountain rescue missions with my friends.
Today, I help retirees reach new heights in their lives."

The youngest local member of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra – Szeto Kin

"Once, I insisted on chasing my dream even though I lacked support.
Today, I have not only fulfilled my dream but also contributed to community service."

Seven-time Paralympic Gold Medalist - Yu Chui Yee

"Once, I had to work harder than others to achieve my dreams.
Today, I represent Hong Kong and have won international competitions."

Leader of the Hong Chi Glass Bottle Recycling Team - Hui Yuk Po

"Once, I gained the courage to open up to others and my confidence grew stronger.
Today, I am helping my teammates to contribute to environmental protection."

The Fire Dragon Dance Commander and Keeper of the Flame - Chan Tak Fai

"Once, my passion for the Fire Dragon Dance was the concern for its survival.
Today, I have helped conserve this cultural heritage for the next generation."

Concert pianist - Colleen Lee

"Once, my talent and hard work were what got me noticed.
Today, I have realised my dream to perform internationally."

Member of the Hong Kong Equestrian Team - Patrick Lam

"Once, there were lots of obstacles, but I never stopped challenging myself.
Today, I have achieved breakthrough results for Hong Kong equestrian sports."

Team Manager of Special Olympics gold medallist golfers - Jacqueline Leung

"Once, injury forced me to give up being a jockey, but I found a new dream with an open mind.
Today, I have fulfilled my goals and am training golfers for competition."

Director of HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study – Professor Henry Tye

"Once, I witnessed the birth of HKUST, sharing its vision and efforts to nurture Hong Kong scientists.
Today, I am leading cross-disciplinary scientific research to an international level."

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