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Jockey Club highlights its wide-ranging support for diverse educational needs

Education is the fundamental building block of society. It opens minds, shapes values and equips us with the skills we need to contribute to the progress of our communities. The Hong Kong Jockey Club has been a staunch supporter of local education at all levels over the years, working hand in hand with community partners on a wide range of projects aimed at cultivating an enabling learning environment for students with different backgrounds, abilities and learning needs.

With the theme of “Appreciate Diversity in Education”, the Club honoured its successful partnerships with some 200 charity and community representatives at this year’s annual Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Day at Sha Tin Racecourse. 

Working with educators and community partners, the Club’s Charities Trust has initiated and funded an array of projects in recent years to enhance diversity in education through cross-sectoral collaboration and innovative approaches. These projects cover all levels of education and address diverse learning and teaching needs, from students and teachers in mainstream education and vocational training to those with special education needs.

Among them, three innovative projects are currently being implemented that provide wide-ranging support to address the diverse educational needs of students.

  • JC A-Connect helps the growing number of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in primary and secondary schools. It provides school-based coaching programmes and training to enhance the skills of teachers, parents, schools and NGO professionals, as well as parent and public education programmes.

    Launched in 2015, the project is now serving more than 6,000 ASD students in over 500 mainstream primary and secondary schools, which accounts for about two-thirds of all ASD students in mainstream schools.


  • C-for-Chinese@JC responds to the increasing number of ethnic minority children in Hong Kong, seeking to enhance the language proficiency of non-Chinese speaking kindergarten students for their smooth transition to primary education and early integration into society.

    Adopting a holistic home, school and community model, the project involves the development of special teaching materials and intervention tools for kindergarten and social work practitioners, while promoting social integration through culturally responsive teaching methods, family empowerment programmes and cross-cultural community activities.

    Since its launch in 2016, C-for-Chinese@JC has been fully implemented in 20 Network Schools. A total of 26 Affiliated Schools have also joined the project with partial support services in the home-school-community area. The sector’s capacity has also been built through the provision of professional training to over 200 kindergarten practitioners, including school leaders, teachers, social service professionals and multicultural teaching assistants.


  • The Jockey Club “Diversity at Schools” Project, launched in 2018, is aimed at strengthening the capabilities of primary and secondary teachers to deal with learning diversity in their classrooms. Through a data management system established to profile students’ diversities, along with differentiated teaching strategies and increased classroom support, the project helps unleash the potential of all students and nurture their diverse talents.

    Approximately 5,400 students from 143 schools are expected to benefit from the project, while 28 Classroom Learning Assistants are being trained to offer cost-effective in-class support for teachers.


The highlight of the race meeting was The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Trophy, which was won by Big Party ridden by Zac Purton. Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung presented the trophy to Owners Ryan Wong and Roland Wong.

The Club initiated the annual Community Day race meeting in 2005 as a way of honouring its successful partnerships with NGOs, Government agencies, academic institutions and other groups in building a better Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Trophy is a historic trophy, some 160 years old, which was generously donated by the late Mr Tobias Brown in recognition of the Club’s charitable contributions to the community.