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Programme Areas

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust works in partnership with Government and non-profit-making agencies to improve the quality of life of the Hong Kong people in ten major areas, namely Arts, Culture & Heritage, Education & Training, Elderly Services, Emergency & Poverty Relief, Environmental Protection, Family Services, Medical & Health, Rehabilitation Services, Sports & Recreation and Youth Development.

Promoting Health Care and Prevention of Disease

The Trust supports the development of an excellent health care environment for the people of Hong Kong. Over the years, funds have been provided for promoting primary health care, improving medical facilities, equipping medical professionals with new technology and education facilities.

Enriching Our Community

The Trust appreciates the important role of community and neighbourhood services and plays an active role in providing timely, multifaceted support for evolving social welfare needs, particularly those facing the elderly and the disabled.

Financial support has been provided for the building of, and extending facilities for, community centres and town halls, the establishment of homes and centres for the elderly and the provision of special schools, sheltered workshops and hostels for the disabled. Funds are also made available for environment projects.

Investing in the Future

Our young people are our future. The Trust helps provide education and training opportunities of all types for all sectors. From primary school through to university, the Trust supports the pursuit of education by funding all levels of education, from primary to tertiary education and training facilities and providing scholarships and grants. Disadvantaged groups are also assisted in their learning by the provision of special equipment such as language laboratories and computer rooms.

Fulfilment of Life

The Trust supports an ever-widening range of sports by providing funds for swimming pools, soccer pitches, basketball courts, rowing centres, sailing centres, windsurfing centres, archery and shooting ranges, golf driving ranges, golf course, sports stadiums, squash and tennis courts.

Recreational projects for the enjoyment of the entire family are supported by the Trust which funds parks, children's adventure playgrounds, holiday camps and youth centres. The Trust, besides providing The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and being a major funder of the Hong Kong Arts Festival, provides support for performing venues and music and dance training opportunities.

The Trust recognise the importance of retaining Hong Kong's heritage and, at the same time, of building upon its present culture for the pleasure, enjoyment and the education of all its citizens for today and for the future.

What We Do Not Fund

The Trust generally will not provide funds for:

  • Individuals
  • Overseas organisations
  • Special interest groups of schools/tertiary institutions
  • Fund-raising activities
  • Organisations not having a registered non-profit-making/charitable status
  • Organisations promoting a political object (such as furthering the interest of a particular political view / party, procuring changes in laws, or procuring reversal of governing policy or of particular decisions of government authorities)
How To Apply

Information required

  • a detailed project proposal, including the amount requested, with full justifications
  • a detailed breakdown of costs
  • the latest annual report of the organisation
  • the latest audited accounts of the organisation
  • the latest membership list of Board of Directors/Council/Executive Committee/Management Committee of the organisation

Additional information will be required for the following four main types of applications.

For details, please refer to the relevant checklist.

First Time Applicants

If you have not applied to the Trust for funds before, you will need to provide:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Registration Certificate showing the non-profit-making/charitable status of your organisation

General Enquiries

Telephone: 2966 7259/ 2966 7450

Fax: 2504 2903

Address: 1 Sports Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong