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5th Junior Sports Reporters Programme - Helping students achieve personal growth

The fifth annual HKJC Junior Sports Reporters programme was successfully concluded on 24 June. At the graduation ceremony, lots of new ideas were shared, past years’ uniforms were on display, and alumni from the first to fourth programmes were invited to talk about the impact the programme had on their lives. In recent years, the programme has continuously nurtured new recruits for sports media while giving students the opportunity for personal growth.

This year’s programme accepted a record 47 students, 39 of whom successfully graduated. This group of like-minded young people not only came together in the classroom to learn journalism and communications skills, but also became good friends outside of it. At the ceremony, the students presented their mentors and those who had helped behind the scenes with a special surprise – they had braved the No. 8 typhoon signal to produce music videos and gorgeous photo collections to express their gratitude. Such a warm gesture brought tears to the eyes of the teachers and to programme in-charge Li Tak Nang, who was extremely pleased to have witnessed the students’ growth over five short months. He said this programme is like a baptism by fire. The students still have a lot to learn; however, he believed that now more than ever they know how to treasure and appreciate every learning opportunity.

A number of awards were given at the ceremony to recognise the students’ outstanding performance both in the classroom and during the practical sessions. These included awards for: “The Most Outstanding Photographer”, “The Best News Photo”, “The Most Outstanding Live Reporter”, “The Most Outstanding Commentator”, “The Best Progress”, the “Award of Merits” and “The Most Outstanding Student”. In addition, three groups of students produced separate feature reports on the development of three different sports in Hong Kong. Their videos premiered at the ceremony and guests were invited to vote for the one they felt deserved “The Most Outstanding Feature Story” award. In the end, only two votes separated the audience’s favourite feature story on pole dancing from the ones on basketball and shuttlecock.

The HKJC Junior Sports Reporters Programme is supported by a number of high-calibre professional journalists, as well as radio and TV presenters and commentators, all of whom act as course mentors during practical exercises such as live webcasts and interviews at major local sporting events. This year’s programme achieved a number of “firsts”, including a visit to the Tuen Mun Public Riding School and watching the LONGINES Hong Kong Masters equestrian competition. It was also the first time that the programme took the students out of the classroom for lectures to places such as the Legislative Council and to the new Chu Hai College campus. These visits gave the students first-hand experience and bolstered their courage to try new things.   

The Club is committed to promoting the development of local youths, and the HKJC Junior Sports Reporters Programme, which is organised by The Hong Kong Jockey Club in association with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, helps to achieve this goal by providing basic journalism training and the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned, all of which helps to enhance the students’ communication skills and professional attitudes. For more information on the HKJC Junior Sports Reporters Programme, please visit our website (in Chinese only) or follow us on facebook .

Click here to view the feature reports of the graduates of the 5th annual programme (in Cantonese only):