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Jockey Club encourages local youth to harness their creativity to address social challenges

Young people are the future of our society, and each and every one of them has enormous potential to make a difference to the world.

To help develop and enhance youth creativity, the Club’s Charities Trust has since 2012 funded the Jockey Club Make a Difference (MaD) School, which has successfully attracted over 35,000 participants to various programmes. Through its innovative programmes, MaD provides a diverse learning platform that broadens young people’s horizons, encourages them to think out of the box, and empowers them to be socially conscious change-makers who can tackle complex social challenges.

The latest highlight was the International Assembly @ MaD Festival 2017 from 21 to 23 July. Under this year’s theme of “The Blink of the Creative Mass”, some 1,300 aspiring change-makers from more than 160 Asian cities participated in various ripple forums, open studios and local excursions, sharing their experiences with innovators from around the world.

The MaD Forum actually pre-dates the MaD School, having been launched by the Make a Difference Institute with the Trust’s support in 2010. It was the success of the Forum that inspired the Trust to make a further donation two years later to establish the Jockey Club MaD School. The School offers a wide range of programmes and activities for the young generation, encouraging them to explore social issues from multiple perspectives and bring positive change to society. In addition, the Trust is supporting the Jockey Club Make a Difference Social Lab for three years from 2016, seeking to tackle complex social challenges through cross-sectoral collaboration and co-creative experiments.