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Jockey Club supports sports-entertainment programme to help seniors pursue a healthier lifestyle

As a means of helping the elderly pursue a healthier lifestyle, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust is supporting a three-year programme called the St James' Settlement Jockey Club "Super Senior Super Show", aimed at helping the elderly stay active and develop regular exercise habits. At the Gala Grand Show on 1 September, about 600 elderly people performed to an audience of over 3,000, spreading this important message .

The St James' Settlement Jockey Club "Super Senior Super Show", is one of five "Sportovation" programmes currently being supported by the Trust, making use of innovative elements to motivate people of different ages to participate in sports. This particular programme, is based on the concept of "sport-entertainment", targeting the "young old" (from ages 50 to 65) and the elderly (65 and over).

The "young olds" are first given training in basic sports, organising activities and performance skills. In turn, they then train the elderly and staff from different elderly centres in the most suitable methods of exercise for seniors to reduce muscle loss and avoid risk of injury.

Moreover, each time one of the elderly participants completes a 30-minute daily aerobics exercise, a child from an underprivileged family will be given funding support to join a swimming lesson. As an ending task, all the participants get involved in a public performance showcasing what they have learnt.

The Trust believes that playing sports not only boosts physical fitness, but can also create positive values and hope in the community. By combining sports training, entertainment, volunteer service and arts elements, this programme provides a good example of the innovative thinking behind "Sportovation". Since it was launched last year, the programme has already attracted about 600 people to join. It is expected to benefit some 1,600 elderly and provide training for about 100 staff from elderly centres in three years.