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Jockey Club Positive Education “Ascend and Radiate” Project promotes students’ intellectual growth and well-being

Schools are major places for young people to grow.  It is important for schools to provide a positive learning environment so that students can enjoy all-round development.

For this reason, the Club’s Charities Trust and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have joined hands to co-create the Jockey Club Positive Education “Ascend and Radiate” (JC-PEAR) Project, designed to promote students’ intellectual growth and psychological well-being. Its aim is to utilise advanced knowledge and practices in positive education for providing school-based support.

By shifting the focus of education from ‘teaching’ (knowledge) to ‘nurturing’ (personal growth and development), the JC-PEAR Project is intended to create a school environment that encourages better student learning and growth. It combines positive psychology and best teaching practices to help schools redesign their pedagogy, learning activities, assessments and school campus to cultivate a positive atmosphere.

Appropriate training is being provided to teachers to enhance their positive interaction with students. Sharing and learning platforms will also be regularly organised to encourage more schools to apply positive education.

Since the start of the current school year last September, six primary and secondary schools participating in the JC-PEAR Project have received professional consultations from the project team on adjusting different aspects of their work, ranging from the teaching syllabus and methods to communications with their students. Encouraging improvements have already been found among the students in their learning motivation, behaviour and the expression of their emotions after these adjustments.

The Club has donated some HK$53 million to introduce this three-year positive education project in collaboration with CUHK. Six partner schools, three of them at primary and three at secondary level, are currently participating in the project. Knowledge of positive education will be shared with over 30 schools to encourage practices over the three years.