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Jockey Club ‘Go! Leaders Of the World’ Programme promotes social inclusion in multi-cultural Hong Kong

The population of non-Chinese youths aged between 15 and 24 in Hong Kong has more than doubled in the past ten years, according to the latest Population By-census. iIt has therefore become more important to cultivate a socially-inclusive environment among young people of different ethnicities.

In 2016, the Club’s Charities Trust approved funding for WEDO GLOBAL to run a Jockey Club ‘Go! Leaders Of the World’ (JC GLOW) Programme. The programme is aimed at promoting a multi-cultural Hong Kong, fostering understanding and collaboration among young people from different ethnic backgrounds, and nurturing cross-cultural young leaders in Hong Kong.

On 20 October, a graduation ceremony was held for the JC GLOW Programme, at which young leaders from different ethnic backgrounds shared their views on how to build a socially-inclusive society and the learning experiences they had gained through the programme.

Targeting secondary three to five students, with half the participants coming from ethnic minority backgrounds, the JC GLOW Programme comprises four main activities, namely training, designing cultural guided tours, participating in a Singapore exchange tour and co-organising a multi-cultural ceremony to share their learning experience with the public.

These activities enable participants to gain new knowledge and exposure while enhancing their cultural intelligence, allowing them to act as a bridge connecting community members from different cultural backgrounds.

The two-year programme has benefited over 100 local young participants from some 30 secondary schools.