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Jockey Club supports “Make a Difference” initiatives to help nurture youth creativity

To help develop and enhance young people’s creativity, the Club’s Charities Trust has been supporting a series of “Make a Difference” (MaD) projects organised by the Make a Difference Institute since 2010, including the MaD Festival and the establishment of the Jockey Club Make a Difference School.

The Assembly @ MaD Festival 2019, an event that concluded the 2019 MaD Festival, was opened  on 12 January at Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts.

Under this year’s theme of “The Grounded Odyssey”, some 1,000 young people from Hong Kong and other cities across and beyond Asia participated in various activities during the two-day Assembly, including keynote conversations, “open studios”, a “free market”, “ripple forum”, cinema screenings and excursions, sharing their experiences with innovators from around the world.

Besides supporting the MaD Festival, the Trust has provided funding to establish the MaD School, which offers a wide range of programmes and activities to help the city’s young generation expand their horizons, inspire them to “think out of the box”, and encourage them to bring positive change to society.

In addition, the Trust has since 2016 been supporting the Jockey Club Make a Difference Social Lab, a three-year project seeking to tackle social challenges through cross-sectoral collaboration and co-creative experiments.