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Jockey Club supports marriage enrichment services for retired couples

While many couples strive to be holding hands until the end, marital conflicts are not uncommon. A survey released in August 2020 by the Jockey Club Refocusing Love 50+ project found that the most common reason for couples’ conflicts was lack of spousal understanding.

Launched in 2019, Jockey Club Refocusing Love 50+ is a three-year project funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and implemented by The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council (“CMAC”). It aims to support couples aged 50 and above who may be facing empty-nest syndrome or anxiety brought on by retirement or declining health. It helps them refocus on marital understanding and commitment by encouraging sharing, communication and conflict resolution.

The survey, which was conducted from August to December 2019, successfully interviewed 213 married people over the age of 50. The survey found that the most common reason for the couples’ conflicts was that they felt their spouse did not understand their feelings and needs. The interviewed couples believed that the most effective way to enhance their marriages was through honest communication and sharing. As such, the Project recommends that couples identify common interests to strengthen their connection. Creating joint experiences and sharing goals can help nurture spousal relationships.

To enhance retired couples’ relationships, Jockey Club Refocusing Love 50+ provides activities to promote active ageing, family educational seminars, experiential workshops and individualised coaching services. It also provides mediation support for families in need.

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