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The Club puts a high priority on empowering people to realise their full potential, whatever their aspirations and talents may be. The first Club-funded school, the Jockey Club Modern School, was established in 1960, during a time when mass influx of Mainland immigrants to Hong Kong were causing exponential growth in the number of school-aged children. This undertaking was later expanded to cover all levels of mainstream education and vocational training. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was supported by the Club during construction and subsequent development and is now one of the world’s most highly-regarded universities. Through projects like the Jockey Club Innovation Tower at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Club also contributes to the long-term development of Hong Kong in areas such as creative industries.

The Club's "software" contribution to local education is equally noteworthy. With staunch support from the Club's Charities Trust, primary and secondary students from underprivileged families can further their education and participate in various extra-curricular activities to broaden their horizons. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships is now one of the most prestigious scholarship schemes in Hong Kong. True to its commitment of providing multiple developmental pathways for young people, the scheme has recently been expanded to benefit post-graduates, students with special education needs, and students undertaking vocational training.

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