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Young people are our future. Over the years, the Club has funded many youth activities and initiated projects to instill among youngsters positive values and attitudes. The visionary P.A.T.H.S to Adulthood: A Jockey Club Youth Enhancement Scheme has gained international recognition for its success in helping students grow positively, and thus has been incorporated into the school curriculum and adopted overseas. The Summer Youth Programme (now renamed Youth Programme), organised by the Home Affairs Bureau and financed by the Club since 1969, has provided millions of children and young people with the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling summer holiday.

The Club believes that nurturing creativity and sustainability in young people are the keys to Hong Kong's long-term development. The Club's Charities Trust therefore seeks to enhance youth development by cultivating an enabling environment rich with opportunities, so that young people can unleash their full potential and be prepared, connected, and engaged with society. Projects like the Jockey Club MaD (Make a Difference) School and CLAP@JC have witnessed growing demand for their innovative approaches toward helping young people think outside of the box. In particular, the Trust-initiated CLAP@JC is Hong Kong's first cross-sectoral support platform that helps students and out-of-school youth plan their futures by developing a career roadmap. The aims are to foster a supportive environment and provide diverse opportunities for young people to explore their career interests and develop their paths.

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