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Supporting children & young people develop their potential

We help children and young people get the best possible start in life. We seek to provide equal opportunities for all, to bridge development gaps, and to create an engaging environment where every child and young person can fulfil their potential.

Helping Hong Kong youth discover their passions and abilities, and explore multiple pathways to a fulfilling adulthood.
Equipping upper primary students with the basic coding capabilities to strengthen their computational thinking, as well as helping teachers master the necessary professional skills.
Enhancing the Chinese proficiency of non-Chinese speaking (NCS) kindergarten students for their better transition to primary education and early integration.
KeySteps@JC strives to reduce deficits of underprivileged young children and to build stronger foundation at critical early stage for better life outcomes.
LevelMind@JC has established eight youth mental wellness hubs across Hong Kong. These hubs identify youths with early mental distress and provide them with early intervention by a team of cross-sector professionals.