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International Social Service Hong Kong

The family is the foundation of every society, and it is only through good family relationships that a harmonious society can be achieved. The Hong Kong Jockey Club has always been committed to promoting social inclusion in the community, and to this end has been supporting the International Social Service Hong Kong (ISS-HK) since 1965.

The Club's Charities Trust donated HK$6.7 million to the ISS-HK in 2011 to launch a three-year support programme that helped cross-boundary families better integrate into Hong Kong society. In 2014, in the face of a 28 percent increase in cross-boundary students to 20,000, the Trust donated a further HK$11.8 million to the ISS-HK to enhance its cross-boundary support service, including the setting up of a new centre in nearby Nanshan, Shenzhen to complement the existing Luohu Cross-Boundary Students Service Centre.

In view of the good response and results of the programme, the Trust's additional three-year funding will cover additional support for secondary students, a new self-service library and teacher training, as well as continuous provision of learning support and moral training for the students, parent education workshops and more. It is expected that the programme will benefit 2,800 cross-boundary students and 4,000 cross-boundary families.