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A child's strongest supporter

A father himself, Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel understands that it's not easy for parents to relax when it comes to caring for their children. All their love and concern is for the protection of their children – they can't bear to see them unhappy; they don't want to see them fail; and they hope that bad things won't happen to them. Peter, however, believes that parents need to trust their children's own abilities and also the professional guidance of their teachers and coaches.

So what should parents do as their children grow up? Here's what Peter thinks:

  • Don't help them avoid the obstacles they will meet as they grow
  • When they encounter difficulties, what children need are words of comfort and a loving hug
  • Share in what your children are feeling, spend enough quality time with them

Supporting your children behind-the-scenes is just as important.

Let's listen to what Peter has to say.