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What’s the most frightening thing you may encounter while hiking?

What would you do if you encountered wild animals / insects while hiking?

Wild animals / insects commonly seen in Hong Kong Areas usually seen in
Cows Ngong Ping, Tai Mo Shan
Wild boars Fei Ngo Shan, Lui Ta Shek
Snakes Ma On Shan
Monkeys Kam Shan, Shing Mun Reservoir
Bees Forested areas

To mountain climbing expert “Chung Sir”, bees are the most dangerous because bee hives can be anywhere in the trees, and it’s very easy for hikers to inadvertently hit the hives and cause the bees to attack, with death being the most extreme result. If you do encounter a swarm of attacking bees, you should immediately crouch down and protect your head. Wait until the bees have dispersed before slowly leaving the area.

Should you encounter other animals, remember not to try and shoo them away as they generally won’t take the initiative to attack. As much as possible, keep calm and don’t move; then keeping a safe distance, move slowly away. Or you could try to make a slight noise to get them to leave.

In addition to wild animals, what else should you be wary of when hiking overseas? Let’s listen to what “Chung Sir” has to say.

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